Recruitment at CPHR we understand that the right candidate is of utmost important.Our extensive database and experienced recruiters is what puts us a cut above the rest. We Utilize all our resources to make sure that our clients receive the best suited candidates to fill the position, be it junior level,middle level or senior level management. The different services undertaken by us are as follows.

End to End Recruitment Solution

Our Forte lays in End to End recruitment solutions. We undertake services right from basic Recruitment and Turnkey Projects to CRBO, Training and HR Consultancy.

Turnkey Projects

A Turnkey project program is a service in which we provide solutions to companies setting up new offices or venture accross various levels or functions.Candidates with a particular skill set required to fill the position across various levels are recruited.

Credential Verification Service

At CPHR we ensure that every candidate has provided accurate information regarding identity, educational qualifications, work experience etc. We also undertake verification of other candidates obtained independently of us. Thus, our clients can be rest assured that they only get candidates that unquestionably fit the bill.


CRBO – Confluence Recruitment Business Outsourcing. We believe that our clients shouldn’t have any distraction from their corefunction and hence CPHR undertakes the delicate issue of staffing needs. Recruitment is a lengthy but crucial process and by outsourcing it, one can save on valuable time and costs.

Corporate Training Program

The Training program conducted by CPHR consists of team building and personality development exercises that result in enhanced performance of existing employees. Each program is custom-made to cater to the individual needs of each client to ensure that they benefit maximally.

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